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Name:Hanson Fan Fiction
Location:United States of America
Website:A Cinematic Sunrise
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A Community for Writers and Readers of Hanfic!
Hey! My name is Renee and I've been writing Hanson fan fiction since 1997 and still going! This community is completely dedicated to those who love to read and write Hanfic just like I do! Please read the rules before joining/posting...

1. You may post any type of fan fiction you please as long as it is NOT intensely obscene (i.e. underage rape, traumatic suicide, etc.) If you'd like to post extremely adult stories, you can post the link ONLY to your journal or to the actual site where it is hosted with a warning included.

2. I WILL allow slash and hancest as long as you hide it behind a cut so people who do not prefer to read those genres do not have to view it. Also include warnings for your story/website/links if you feel that they could be deemed inappropriate to someone else.

3. Do NOT bash anyone else's fan fiction. Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated but outright rudeness will not be tolerated.

4. Do NOT come on here, post your story, and demand reviews or feedback if you're not willing to participate in reviewing yourself. This is a community and sometimes people are busy so if they do not respond it doesn't neccessarily mean they don't like your story.

5. Do NOT post anyone else's work. Stealing is bad. You may recommend your favorite Hanfic's but let us know if it is not yours.

6. Please use tags to label your post(s) so that it will make it easier for everyone to search for something in particular. Example tags... pairing: isaac/nikki, genre: horror, rating: PG, etc.

7. By all means promote your own Hanfic journals, communities, and websites as long as they're purely fan fiction related. Images of a respectable size, such as banners and signatures, are acceptable for posting as well.

8. No flaming, trolling, or spamming.

That's all I can think of for now, but failure to abide by these rules will be an automatic bannishment of the community. I'm not going to be that strict though so just be polite and use common sense. You'll be fine!

I'm ecstatic about this community and hopefully you will be too! So, post your stories and your links, recommend your favorite fics, and just have fun!

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